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[MACHINE LEARNING] Various ML projects

When the transhumanists are proven right, let it be known I was on their side.

Here are some ML projects πŸ‘Œ


With great fervour and naΓ―vetΓ©, as with most young computer science students finding themselves riding the Dunning Krugger curve of ambition like they were playing linerider, I decided that starting or joining a startup with my some other CS students would be bring great fame, fortune, and most importantly technical chops to solve the ills of the world.

I ended joining the startup of fellow CS student and friends.

The idea was to create a fire extinguisher with a camera on it, and motors on the sides to control the nozzle. The idea: if there was a fire, and you weren't home and you didn't have sprinklers, this IOT innovation could save your soul.

The stack was pretty much python/arduino and we used You-Only-Look-Once V3 machine learning model (aka YOLO) .

The code is all lost by now, but here is:


Later, after all the fun of my first coding bootcamp (which I like to take alongside school because you learn things differently), I joined the machine learning cohort.

As a final project, we analyzed lots of BC liquor sales data and made a little website to recommend liquor for a party based on your party's demographic (male/female, age, marital status) it can be found on Github


Sometimes I do kaggles to stay humble. Sometimes to admire XGBoosting. Here's one I did with some friends.


Machine learning is cool, we're all going to be overtaken, brb building the basilisk