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[WEBSITE] Arbitrarily long QR codes!

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This is a little website to test a little idea I had: could we encode arbitrary amounts of data in QR codes by chaining them together?

For example, old small atari games for running on emulators. How about the classical pitfall? (download link)

This (beautiful) website is the result of that thought experiment.

A very simple header is added to each QR identifying which chunk it is the series. The reader assembles the chunks and recreates the original data. The chunks do not have to be read in order.

Note that anything close to a megabyte pegs the CPU pretty bad, so best to stick to small things like 4-10 Kb, way bigger than any single QR code but small enough to be manageable.

Note that it's up to the user to make it a gif/whatever medium they chose.

Try it with the pitfall example (right-click save the output QR codes) and then play the game with this wonderful emulator